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Help for weight - moles (proteins).

Calculation formulas.

Suppose, that 35ng of 47kDa protein were diluted in 86µl of H2O.

Insert these data in the form as it is shown below and push the upper "Calculate". You will obtain that it corresponds to 744.68fmol (or 448450159574 molecules). If you want the answer in "pmol", just select this unit and you will obtain: "0.74468pmol".


Protein molecular weight [kDa]:  
"weight" --> "mole":
"mole" --> "weight":

Now, push "Calculate" in "Calculation of the molar concentration". You should obtain 8.66nM. Change volume for 100µl and just click somewhere outside the field (or, again, push "Calculate"): program will give "7.45nM". In the same way the program will recalculate answer after changing of other parameters (weight, volume, Mw of protein).

The calculations from the known molar quantity are absolutely analogous.

Calculation of the molar concentration:


Calculation of the weight from the molar concentration:


Calculation formulas.

(it is very short descriptions, because we talk about well-known things)

Denote (units of measurement in brackets):

the relation between these values will be:

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