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Estimation of time for bacteria growth.

    The "prognosis" of bacterial growth. This is important for the preparation of chemical- or electro-competent cells. The program may be used also for other organisms in the logarithmic stage of growth. It is possible to evaluate the precision of prognosis.
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    The mandatory fields are indicated with (*). For evaluation it is necessary to perform two measurements in two different time points.

    The first measurement was days before at:
       h* min* => OD1 = *
    The second measurement was today at:
       h* min* => OD2 = *

    Bacterial culture will reach the indicated density

    after days at:
              =>ODf = *  

       Or, after   since the second measurement.


    Evaluation the precision of the prognosis.

    only after evaluation of the growth time

      Precision of the spectrophotometer: ±OD
      Precision of the time measurement: ±t[min]
      Precision of the evaluation: ±t[min]
    ± *
    ± *


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